Simulator Project

Simulator Project

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Dear Members:

Over the last couple months, the board has discussed an addition to our existing clubhouse to use it for a golf simulator. Two membership meetings were held on February 16, 2019, and February 17, 2019, for feedback regarding this idea. The takeaway from the meeting was mostly positive although some members expressed their concerns. From that meeting the board discussed the feedback and gave their own opinions at the next board meeting on February 20, 2019. The decision was unanimous to continue the project and a committee was formed which includes Chris Schield, Andrew Stellhorn, Don Horrell, Will Harbaugh and Dennis Kruse. That night the board also voted to move forward with the option to build an addition 30’ x 37’ to the south. The reasons for this were it would be on the same grade for easier construction, provide additional space adjacent to the simulator, the remodel of the kitchen, provide a better atmosphere being on the same level as the existing clubhouse and less expensive than building to the northeast.

The project has progressed, and the committee settled on a 30’ x 37’ addition south as well as extending the kitchen east to match the existing cooler wall. This decision was made because in the original layout, a 4’ hallway connected existing to addition. The kitchen also bumped out into the addition. By extending the kitchen east, this provides a 9’ hallway with the purpose of making the clubhouse feel like one big room to add to the atmosphere. This also increases the kitchen size and provides more space in the 30’ x 37’ addition. Extending the kitchen east requires some utilities to be moved which includes the AC units. The board received a bid last year for the HVAC in the attic. Given that fact, the committee decided to have the HVAC contractor include that in the bid.

Simulator: $54,940
General Contractor: $68,593
HVAC: $17,427
Electric: $9,500
Kitchen: $6,500
Total Cost: $156,960

In summary, in this bid we are receiving the following:

  • 30’ x 37’ addition which includes an HD Golf Simulator and a 17.5’ x 30’ room
  • 15’ x 15.5’ kitchen which includes new cabinets, sink, countertops and an island
  • Replacing the HVAC for the existing clubhouse and addition

The board reviewed these items and compared them to what the committee projected would be an increase in income at the board meeting on March 20, 2019. The board then requested what the club’s annual budget would look like and that was discussed at a meeting on March 26, 2019. The board agreed that the project’s overall cost needed to come down to be approved. The committee projects that the simulator itself ($54,940) would pay for itself between year 2 and year 3. The biggest liability of the project comes with the addition.

After one of the membership meetings, a member asked if the committee had thought about asking for pledge donations for the project. In 1986, the existing clubhouse was built using money from donors whose names are on the south and west walls. That was over 30 years ago and 2-3 generations haven’t had the opportunity to join the other names on the wall. The committee would like to extend its members that opportunity and at the same time lower the cost of the project.

Here are the details for those pledge donations:

  • Pledge 1: 16” x 5” plaque and 4 free simulator hours – $1,000
  • Pledge 2: 8” x 4” plaque and 2 free simulator hours – $500
  • Pledge 3: 6” x 4” plaque and 1 free simulator hour – $250

The plaques would be displayed in the hallway to the new addition.

Another idea the board had to save on the cost of the project is to offer prepaid punch cards. These cards would offer simulator hours at discounted rates. The rates are:

  • 10 hours pre-paid (save 10%) – $270
  • 20 hours pre-paid (save 15%) – $510
  • 30 hours pre-paid (save 20%) – $720

If you are interested in pledging a donation and put you, your family or your business’s names as part of the history of North County Country Club, please fill out the attached form and return to the club by April 17, 2019. The form is also available on our website. This is a pledge and the money is not due at this time. The board would like to know how many people are interested. Please visit the Pledge Form Tab to submit your pledge.


President Chris Schield and the Board of Directors

This is just a pledge and the money is not due at this time. The board would simply like to know how many people are interested. Thank you!

16 x 5 inch plaque – includes 4 free simulator hours$1,000
8 x 4 inch plaque – includes 2 free simulator hours$500
6 x 4 inch plaque – includes 1 free simulator hour$250

Click on image to view full size

Click on image to view full size

  • 10 hours pre-paid card (save 10%) – $270
  • 20 hours pre-paid card (save 15%) – $510
  • 30 hours pre-paid card (save 20%) – $720

If you are interested in purchasing pre-paid hours, please fill out the form below. Money is not due at this time and you will not be held to it if you change your mind later. The board is simply gauging interest and will contact you again when cards go for sale. Thank you!