Simulator Project

Simulator Project

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Dear Members:

Over the last few months the board has discussed an addition to our existing clubhouse to provide space to install a golf simulator. We are excited to announce that we have approved the project and construction is currently underway. The board decided to approve the idea to stimulate interest, offering a relaxed, enjoyable way for beginning golfers to get comfortable with our sport, add another source of revenue for the club and provide our members and other avid golfers to play during any season. The simulator would give us an entertainment amenity, increase traffic in our clubhouse (more revenue in the offseason) and serve as an indoor driving range/instructional center for those wanting to improve their game.

To gauge what membership thought of the idea, two informational meetings were held earlier this year on February 16th & 17th, 2019. The takeaway from these discussions was mostly positive, although some expressed concern. After evaluating the response, the Board decided the idea was worth pursuing and unanimously agreed to appoint a committee (Chris Schield, Andrew Stellhorn, Don Horrell, Will Harbaugh & Dennis Kruse) to research the idea further.

Two directions for the building addition were considered: One on the northeast corner of the clubhouse and the other to the south. After receiving cost estimates from contractors on both options, the board voted to move forward with a proposal to build a 30’ X 37’ addition to the south. The south option was chosen based on cost per square foot, the opportunity to improve the kitchen and because it provided better interior flow. Only 3 parking spaces will be lost. We plan to move the gaming into the new room (privacy) and will have room to add 2 more gaming machines (revenue). Also, last fall we discovered portions of the existing HVAC system needed to be replaced, so that was also included in the bidding process.

To summarize, project will provide:

  1. A 30’ x 37’ room housing an HD Simulator and extra space for gaming and other activities (parties & etc.)
  2. A 15’ x 15.5’ kitchen, including new cabinets, sink, counter tops, prep island and alcohol storage
  3. More space in the existing clubhouse (where the gaming machines are presently located)
  4. Replacement of the existing clubhouse HVAC system

A summary of the multiple bids received came to a total project cost of $153,817.

The committee projects that the simulator ($43,797) would pay for itself between year 2 and year 3. The biggest liability of the project comes with the addition.

In 1986, the existing clubhouse benefited greatly from the donors whose names are on the south and west walls of the clubhouse. That was over 30 years ago and since that time, two to three generations have not had the opportunity to put their names on the wall. The board would like to extend an invitation to join the names on the wall. Plaques will be displayed in the hallway of the new addition and are as follows:

Plaque 1: 16” x 5” plaque and 4 free simulator hours – $1,000
Plaque 2: 8” x 4” plaque and 2 free simulator hours – $500
Plaque 3: 6” x 4” plaque and 1 free simulator hour – $250

Demos of these plaques are displayed in the clubhouse.

The board would also like to offer prepaid punch cards. These cards would offer simulator hours at discounted rates. Simulator hours are sold at hourly rates not hourly per person. The prepaid hours are available to order on our website and the rates are:

10 hours pre-paid (save 10%) – $270
20 hours pre-paid (save 15%) – $510
30 hours pre-paid (save 20%) – $720

Our website has all this information and much more: including links to videos on the HD golf simulator and all its capabilities. There is also a drawing of the proposed addition and a picture of what the donation wall would look like.

If you are interested in donating and placing you, your family or your business’s names as part of the history of North County Country Club, please fill out the attached form and return it to the club by September 1, 2019. The form is also available on our website.


President Chris Schield and the Board of Directors

16 x 5 inch plaque – includes 4 free simulator hours $1,000
8 x 4 inch plaque – includes 2 free simulator hours $500
6 x 4 inch plaque – includes 1 free simulator hour $250


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16″ x 5″

8″ x 4″

6″ x 4″

Rendering of donation wall in new hallway

If you are interested in donating and placing you, your family or your business’s names as part of the history of North County Country Club, please fill out the form below by September 1, 2019. Thank you!

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  • 10 hours pre-paid card (save 10%) – $270
  • 20 hours pre-paid card (save 15%) – $510
  • 30 hours pre-paid card (save 20%) – $720

If you are interested in purchasing pre-paid hours, please fill out the form below. Money is not due at this time and you will not be held to it if you change your mind later. The board is simply gauging interest and will contact you again when cards go for sale. Thank you!